It all started when…

Walker’s Point Music Hall is an alternative venue space in Milwaukee, WI focusing on original live music of all genres. It is crafted with artists in mind. Our inspiration is drawn from The Rebel Stage, the first independent stage at Summerfest, whom Jim Rice [Point Hall owner] has been the operations manager of for the past 12 years. We hope to attract both local and national acts, artists, and charities with our DIY energy.

Our mission is to offer a DIY venue focusing on original music, art, and the neighborhood of Walker’s Point. Our aim is not to make money off of artists, but to promote and support them. Examples of that include original music and art for sale, as well as a partnership with Music-Go-Round to provide musicians with access to what they need to perform onsite.

With intentions of incorporating the community into the venue as much as possible, Point Hall will be partnering with a different charity each month. A percentage of every drink purchased will be donated to that charity each month.

The cause for November - December is Courage MKE