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Templars / Fuerza Bruta / Beton Arme / Royal Hounds + MORE!

The fucking Templars (NYC) are playing a small punk as fuck gig in our city. One night only. If you aren't aware of the best skinhead punk band in the U.S. this show isn't for you. VERY LIMITED SPACE!!! So DO NOT sleep on this.
Opening acts have already been selected from all over North America. True diehards will not want to miss one second of this gig.
Tickets will be available soon! $22 (when you see the line-up you will get it.)
7pm doors 730pm music. 21+ (sorry kids)

Chicago's Fuerza Bruta are quickly rising, world touring oi-stars with varied international punk and oi influences from the past to today. Lick their boots inbetween songs.

BΓ©ton ArmΓ© are hard hitting Montreal oi with throwbacks to the heyday of 80's French oi and even classic Italian bands like Nabat. The best recent skinhead band that you've never heard of!

NYC's Royal Hounds take elements of punk, oi, glam rock, power pop and the misty-eyed melodies of soul and roll them into a catchy, sonic blackjack and smack the shit out of you and you'll love every second of it.

Assault & Battery are Milwaukee's hometown heavyweights and multi-scene vets, with their own unique, powerful mash up of oi, streetunk and hardcore.
Featuring every member of the Cars rolled into 1 bassist.

Splatter Pattern (SAY WHAT?!... no for real, who?) are a local hard punk band from Milcago/Chiwaukee - who may or may not be one of the promoters' bands - and were forced to play this show at gunpoint.
They formed in the late 90's, died in '02 and had recently been ressurected with a partially new lineup and singer.
No current recordings, show early if you wanna check em out.